Artist Uploading

Raadyo gives artist(s) the power to upload their music to the platform for free or monitize their music.By uploading your music, you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy. By uploading your music you also agree to all our submission rules here.

Rules on audio uploads

Below are a few rules for uploading audio files:
  • You are allowed to upload a track with a maximum size of 10MB and square brackets([ ]) are not allowed in file name. After selecting the audio file click the file name that appears to change it.
    1. Click on the pen icon
    2. Type in the song's name and hit enter
  • Only audio files are allowed.
  • Upload only audio files belonging to you or you have ownership of.

Problems with uploads

In case you always receive an error after uploading or progress goes to a 100% and goes back to 0% . Try following the steps below:
  • Please do well to close or deactivate any firewalls or extensions in your browser.
  • Try a different browser.
  • If the problems still occurs, please send it to us via our email "" and it will be uploaded for you or call us on +233204053957/+233245240734