About raadyo

raadyo’s mission is to empower artists to showcase their music to their fans. Meanwhile letting fans to get in touch to music from their favorite artists with ease. We are currently in BETA

Why raadyo?

Most music websites/blogs just give it's audience with all of its music content; raadyo is the only music website/webapp/app that goes beyond mere music blog. We help you to get all of the music from your favorite artists by tagging(following) them and getting an update message(notification) whenever they have a new music out.

Raadyo's platform was also made for artists to upload all of their music to the platform and increase their fan base. All artists can upload their music to platform and share them. Is free and forever will be. View our upload terms

As an artist on raadyo you are giving the power to upload your music and monitize it.

raadyo get your music closer to you both on mobile and on the web. raadyo's interface is simple and easy to navigate, the website and app was made with simplicity in mind.You can easily find all of music and albums/mixtapes with ease.

Download raadyo's Apps

raadyo is currently available for Android on Google Play and will soon be available for the iphone and iOS. Get raadyo's app for android and for windows PC here

The startup

raadyo is developed by a small startup named Softvision. Softvision has developed a few products over the years including a Point of Sale(POS) application, a hostel management system , a voting system, KNUST store app(closed) and a music blog www.mediaplaygh.com(closed). Softvision offers services from software development to embedded Systems. www.softvisionco.com